How to handle small moves in Perth?

It is clear that hiring a removalist company to handle your home relocation is the best solution. They can move everything in your house to your new location while charging a certain amount. What about if you are moving only a few things that do not necessarily need the whole service? If you are desperate and cannot find anyone who will move a few things without charging a complete fortune, you are in luck because PMA Removals offers small moves services in Perth.

How does this service operate?

It is very often that home owners need to move a few of their belongings but they cannot do it themselves due to various reasons. It is expensive to hire a full on removalist service just to move a few things. This is where our small moves service finds its role. It is specially designed for cases like we have mentioned. By hiring this service, you will still be able to get the job done while paying a lot less.

How does this service benefit the customers?

  • Lower rates – Small moves service is considerably cheaper than our other services because instead of having 2 or more people with a large truck, we provide a van with a driver who will help you to load/unload.
  • Tailored for your needs – This service can be customised depending on what you are moving. You can do this by letting us know in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements.
  • Assisting you in your business – This service can also utilized for transporting items that you or your business have sold. We will simply deliver the goods to the customer fast and safe.

Small moves service come handy because of its many offers. Here are a few of them:

  • Moving a single large furniture like dining tables or couches
  • Office equipment and furniture such as desks or computers
  • Small house/apartment moves that do not require large trucks
  • Transporting the items you have sold

Why PMA Removals in particular?

  • We have proven skill and experience in all types of moves
  • Our personnel are trained and experienced to safely finish every task
  • We bring you the best quality while keeping competitive rates

If you want to know more about our services, we are happy to talk to you – 0735558741. You can alternatively email us at [email protected].