Services we provide

During the relocation process, we take the complete responsibility of the task, leaving you no work. We have a turnkey approach in our services and this enables our customers to settle in their new house as if they had never moved. So how exactly we achieve a perfect relocation process each time? Simply by offering different services that are flexible, customizable and affordable – topped with our experienced personnel.

The amazing van service

Our van service is ideal for customers who require assistance in small to medium-sized moves. Hiring a large truck is an overkill and expensive. Van service is an economic way completing such moves:

  • Student moves – students often live in small apartments or dorms and do not have much items to relocate
  • Studio apartments – small studios can only have so much furniture, a van would be enough to move everything in most cases
  • Small offices – not all offices have dozens of employees and lots of items. Small offices can benefit from the van service greatly.

Trucks for larger moves

There will be times when a small van will not be capable of relocating everything in one go. Making multiple trips is neither efficient nor quick. When this is the case, need for a large truck with a couple of removalists is plain and obvious. PMA Removals are offering its truck services for large moves to complete them quickly and efficiently:

  • Big office moves – If you have a big office to be relocated, our truck services will fit your needs perfectly. Our removalists will pack, load and move your office equipment quickly while not compromising on any safety procedures.
  • Large house moves – We often have customers who have large houses that cannot be simply moved using a small van. That is when we put our large trucks to use – their capacities are big enough to complete most tasks in one go.

If, however, you are not sure which service your move requires, you can simply contact us to get an idea. Our professionals will listen to you carefully to determine the exact service you need. Regardless of the service you choose, we guarantee a smooth and reliable moving process.

Contact us at 08 6220 7557 or email us at [email protected].